message from the president

Dear Rushees, 

On behalf of the Psi Epsilon chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi, I want to thank you for your interest in our organization. Our chapter lives out the five core values that were developed by the founding brothers in 1904. These core values include Unity, Integrity, Knowledge, Service, and Brotherhood. Today, Alpha Kappa Psi has grown into the largest professional business fraternity boasting nearly 200,000 living members worldwide. This expansive network of individuals constitute some of our greatest innovators and influencers.

Being like minded in our values makes us a strong organization, but what helps us grow is the differences we have within the chapter. Our brothers are involved in many other extra curricular activities within Loyola Marymount University; for example Greek Life, ASLMU, Cultural Clubs, and Club Sports. Having brothers with different interests and passions creates a unique learning environment. Alpha Kappa Psi gives all its members a special opportunity to cultivate important skills, network with esteemed peers and professionals, and discover their calling.

Joining Alpha Kappa Psi my sophomore year was one of the best decision I have made during my time here at Loyola Marymount. It allowed me to grow professionally, socially, and personally. Ultimately, my experience gave me the confidence and skills to get an internship the summer after I joined this business fraternity. More importantly, I have found my home in Alpha Kappa Psi. As president, my goal is to continue the Alpha Kappa Psi legacy of developing principled business leaders while helping brothers find their home. 

Together we can do great things. I hope you keep Alpha Kappa Psi in mind on your path to success. 

Acacia Wagoner | President

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